CIO Peer Forum 2022 – A Virtual Expo Case Study

virtual expo case study - CIO Peer Forum Lobby

The CIO Association of Canada is a non-profit community and the representative body of CIOs, CISOs, and IT executives of Canada. Its mission is to foster networking, sharing of best practices and executive development, and collaborating on major issues faced by the IT community. CIOCAN’s annual conference, the CIO Peer Forum, is a dynamic community event for IT professionals. 

This year’s annual conference hosted on Samaaro aimed to bring the community together to share the latest trends, provide opportunities for thought leaders to learn about new developments in the field, and enable attendees to network with colleagues. Read the virtual expo case study to learn how our event management solutions helped them achieve these event objectives.

Project Info:

virtual expo - CIO peer forum info desk

Client: First Stage

Organizer: CIOCAN

Category: Virtual Expo

Date: 26th April – 13th May


  1. The organizer was looking for a highly scalable virtual events platform with customization options and unique features.

  2. Audience interaction and event engagement was key concern for them. They wanted the sessions to be engaging and wanted to facilitate a free-flowing discussion between the speakers and the attendees.

  3. The client wanted to keep a tab on the day-to-day attendance rate.


virtual expo case study - CIO Peer Forum Lobby

The custom-built virtual lobby served as a realistic virtual venue where attendees could navigate to different spaces across the platform.

The sprawling virtual space offered ample scope for branding and allowed organizers to showcase event sponsors and exhibiting companies. The info desk in the lobby served as the primary information centre. Attendees could chat with the organizers, download the event agenda and find all event-related information at once place.

virtual expo case study - poll in auditorium

Polls & Q&A features in the auditorium rooms made the sessions more engaging. The organizers used live polling as a tool to get audiences’ feedback on the sessions. Attendees were enabled to rate each session on a scale of 1-5. The session ratings helped organizes decide the most popular content of the multi-day event.

virtual expo case study - Q&A

On the other hand, the Q&A feature allowed participants to interact with the speakers, ask questions, and clear doubts. It also helped build a closer relationship between the speakers and the attendees. Organizers were given full control of the Q&A sessions. They could filter questions to ensure the sessions proceed in an organized manner.

virtual expo - networking lounge
meeting rooms in virtual expo

The custom-designed networking lounge offered a virtual space for attendees to connect with each other. Multiple meeting rooms were available for idea exchange. While joining an ongoing meeting, attendees could check the participants in the room. Whereas, open chat rooms provided a more comfortable space for informal networking.

Expo Hall

Three exhibition halls with a total of 16 trade show booths were incorporated into the platform. As the booths were fully customizable, exhibitors could add their brand logos, change the colour, and upload product demos, and videos for better visibility. Visitors were allowed to schedule meetings with the brand representatives as well.

Attendee Leaderboard in virtual expo

The entire event was gamified to boost audience engagement. Attendees received points for different activities on the platform. Top scorers were displayed on the attendee leaderboard. The leaderboard also doubled up as a useful tool for organizers to pinpoint the most active attendees and prospective clients.

Social wall in virtual expo

To encourage more conversation and create a buzz around the event, a social wall was integrated into the platform. Tweets made with the event hashtag were on display. Attendees could check what others were talking about and take part in the discussion without interrupting the live sessions.

virtual expo - analytics

The analytics dashboard offered real-time insights into the event. As per the client’s request, day-to-day attendance data was made available for them. From the dashboard, organizers could check each day’s participation rate, as well as the attendee footfall in different places.


The multi-day virtual expo recorded a high engagement rate and active participation from the attendees in the sessions. The organizers were elated with the glitch-free event experience we offered them. The solutions we offered proved to be highly effective in achieving the event objectives.


We hope that the virtual expo case study has offered you some actionable insights that you can utilize in your next event. For more in-depth discussion and suggestions, get in touch with us for an expert chat. Samaaro is an award-winning virtual events platform helping clients host successful virtual and hybrid events and reach their business goals. Book a free personalized demo tour today.