Virtual Conference - Welcome Lobby

Sky Sails is a company based out of Germany that leverages ingenious solutions to generate power using fully automated kites at high altitude. As much of Europe was under a strict lockdown during Christmas, Sky Sails wanted to host a Virtual Christmas Party for its employees to raise their spirits. Read the virtual event case study here.

Virtual Conference - Landing Page

Project Info:

Client: Sky Sails

Category: Virtual Townhall

Date: 25 Dec, 2020


  • It was an internal event for the employees of Sky Sails to catch up with each other, celebrate Christmas virtually and have a fun time together.

  • The client required a complete customization of the platform vis-à-vis the design, to bring out the feel of Christmas.

  • In order to keep the audience entertained throughout the Virtual Christmas Party, new games and custom spaces were requested.

  • A footfall for around 300 attendees was expected, hence a number of different meeting rooms were required.

Virtual Conference - Picture Puzzle


Innovative spaces such as a Virtual Lobby, Virtual Meeting Room and Virtual Gaming Space were set up to deliver an interactive 3D experience to the attendees.

Virtual Conference - Theme

The entire platform was injected with a Christmas theme to make it an innovative Christmas themed platform, as expected by the client.

Virtual Conference - Picture Puzzle

Gamification features such as Photo puzzles with different difficulty levels, accompanied by an interactive leaderboard, were created to raise the engagement levels during the event, which the audience thoroughly enjoyed.

Virtual Conference

All the attendees were divided into smaller groups and assigned 10 different meeting rooms to celebrate the event.

Virtual Conference

The event was held in a completely different time zone, but since the client was new to virtual events, tech support was provided 24×7.


Here are some of the highlights of the event:

  • The client was delighted with how the platform was designed and customized as per the requirement.

  • All the attendees actively participated and enjoyed the Picture Puzzle feature.

  • 139 total registrations were made with the lobby footfall registering 96 attendees.

Client Feedback:

"The event was absolutely amazing. Thanks to Samaaro, we were able to connect with our fellow employees and celebrate Christmas with them. Didn't imagine hosting and attending virtual event would this easy."
-Sky Sails