TEDx Hyderabad is a local, self-organized event that brings people together to share a TED-like experience. It is a platform for speakers to share their ideas and stories in short, powerful talks. TEDx Hyderabad also aims to create a community of people who are passionate about making a difference in the world. 


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Working with the Samaaro team was truly an exceptional experience. They approached every feature request and issue with genuine dedication, making us feel like they were an invaluable extension of our own team. The challenges we had encountered during previous events were effortlessly resolved, and the valuable data they provided will undoubtedly guide us in our future endeavors.

– TEDx Hyderabad 

Client Challenges:

TEDx Hyderabad recently held its largest annual flagship event, Ignite. This event was preceded by two sub-events focusing on Art & Music and Women’s Safety. However, TEDx Hyderabad encountered notable challenges during their events.  
These obstacles highlighted the need for a comprehensive ticketing and event technology platform. The lack of a robust registration monitoring system that could effectively manage coupon-based registrations was one of the greatest obstacles they faced. The absence of clarity hindered their ability to evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and make informed decisions regarding impending events.  

In addition, they faced a challenging obstacle in the form of exorbitant payment gateway fees. The charges, which reached as high as 7 percent, significantly weakened their budget for the event, limiting their ability to allocate funds to other crucial aspects of event planning and enhancement. Furthermore, they expressed a desire to incorporate Indian payment gateway systems like UPI and Rupay. 

Nevertheless, as we delve deeper, you will learn how Samaaro stepped in to substantially alleviate these obstacles and enhance the success of TEDx Hyderabad’s event in the modern era. 

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Communications for Seamless Attendee Experience

Samaaro's Solution:

1. Comprehensive Ticketing Solution

Improved Registration Monitoring: Samaaro’s ticketing system provided a robust registration monitoring system that allowed for efficient management of coupon-based registrations. This eliminated the previous obstacles related to registration management. 

Streamlined Ticket Purchases: Unlike conventional methods, Samaaro’s system allowed for rapid ticket purchases from various organizer-specific ticket types. This streamlined the ticket-buying process, making it more user-friendly. 

Efficient Payment Process: The payment procedure was made efficient, taking only a few seconds to complete. This greatly improved the overall user experience by reducing payment-related delays and hassles. 

Reduced Payment Gateway Charges: Samaaro offered the industry’s lowest payment gateway charges, reducing the fees from 7% to 4%. This cost reduction significantly benefited TEDx Hyderabad’s budget for the event, allowing them to allocate funds more effectively to other event-related expenses. 

Integration of Indian Payment Methods: The incorporation of Indian payment options such as UPI and Rupay further enhanced convenience for event attendees. This localization of payment methods catered to the preferences of the Indian audience, making ticket purchasing easier and more accessible. 

Registration Form Integration to Client’s Native Website: Additionally, Samaaro facilitated registration form integration on TEDx Hyderabad’s native event website, achieved through an iFrame. This seamless integration allowed attendees to register for the event without leaving the event website, enhancing the user experience. 

2. Coupon Codes, Discounts & Registration Tracking

TEDx sought to improve the attendee experience and make their events more accessible by introducing versatile coupon code options, group discounts, and bulk ticket purchases. Samaaro played a crucial role in this endeavour by providing TEDx with the ability to generate an infinite number of unique coupon codes and discount structures. Using this tool, TEDx was able to create a total of 136 exclusive coupon codes, including both multi-use and single-use variants. This strategy effectively accommodated the attendees’ diverse preferences while simultaneously streamlining the registration process. This feature accelerated the process for organisations to purchase tickets, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring a hassle-free experience. 

The challenge they encountered when monitoring registration on a coupon-by-coupon basis was successfully addressed by the solution provided by Samaaro, which recorded the registrations associated with each coupon. This allowed them to determine which codes were most effective at attracting participants, allowing for more efficient allocation of resources for future events. 

Samaaro’s coupon code and discount system contributed significantly to the success of TEDx Hyderabad Ignite by providing convenience, enhancing reporting and monitoring capabilities, and promoting group attendance.   

3. Event Marketing

To ensure a seamless and engaging experience for attendees, Samaaro took the initiative by implementing a comprehensive strategy that included over 40K targeted communications delivered via channels such as WhatsApp, SMS and email.  
The event communication and updates were sent to the registered attendees automatically through the main admin dashboard. In addition to communicating information, this concerted effort aimed to foster a sense of community and anticipation for the event. In doing so, TEDx Hyderabad not only optimised registration numbers, but also fostered a deeper connection with its audience, ultimately enhancing the event experience. 

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With the assistance of Samaaro, TEDx Hyderabad was able to overcome its challenges and increase the success of its event. Samaaro’s comprehensive ticketing system facilitated registration, incorporated Indian payment options, and reduced expenses. Flexible discount codes and coupons increased group attendance and resource allocation. Samaaro’s event marketing strategy via WhatsApp and email optimised registration and attendee engagement while fostering a sense of community. 

The outcomes were 1,250+ registrations, 136+ unique coupon types, a check-in duration of 75 minutes, and 40,000+ communications for a seamless experience for attendees. This partnership exemplifies how innovation with dedication can enhance event management, resulting in memorable and enduring experiences. 

Are you ready to transform your next event? Discover how Samaaro’s cutting-edge event technology platform can enhance engagement, streamline attendance tracking, and boost sponsor engagement. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a demo.